Types of butterflies

There are more than 15 000 butterfly species in the world. Therefore it’s impossible to describe them all. Here is a list of the most common types of butterflies:


Swallowtails and Parnassians (Family Papilionidae)

types of butterflies - swallowtailA swallowtail butterfly can be recognised by their “tail” at the bottom of their wings. They are known as the most colorful butterflies of all species. Parnassians are very similar to the swallowtails, but they don’t have that typical tail. Instead, their wings are very rounded.


Whites and Yellows (Family Pieridae)

types of butterflies - whitePieridae is also a very large butterfly family. It consists of approximately 1100 species. Most of the butterflies of this family have white or yellow colored wings. Because of that, it’s relative easy to identify and classify them. Some of the white butterflies have patterns or dots on their wings.


Gossamer-Wings (Family Lycaenidae)

types of butterflies - coralhairstreakLycaenidae is one of the biggest butterfly families. It has over 5 000 species worldwide. Most of these butterflies are relative small. They feed themselves with nectar. They prefer to find their nectar in flowers with a bunch of small blooms.


Metalmarks (Family Riodinadae)

types of butterflies - metalmarkFamily Riodinadae has more than 1000 species. Metalmarks usually have rust-colored wings. They live in warm areas and feed themselves with nectar. Most of the metalmarks can be found in Central and South America.



Brush-Foots (Family Nymphalidae)

types of butterflies - brushfootNymphalidae is the largest butterfly family in the world. They have more than 6000 members. This family includes very popular butterfly species, such as the admirals and tortoiseshells. Brush-foots have small, hairy front legs. That’s why they are called that way.


Skippers (Family Hesperiidae)

types of butterflies - skipperThere are more than 3500 species of skippers. Their name refers to the fact that they are very quick. They don’t have very specific marks, so they are hard to identify. Skippers occur all over the world.



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